Interested in Selling ?

Kavanagh Auctions has the experience and knowledge to help you realize good value from the sale of items at auction. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional and ethical auction services with transparent and accountable sales.

Finding new treasures that will be enjoyed for another generation is our goal. Almost every find offered by Kavanagh Auctions offer timeless design and created by artisans in a time before mass production. Items that have outlasted their generation. We are always looking for unique and interesting items not just based on value but on the need to preserve something for the future.

With a focus on antiques, mid-century modern, industrial, art deco and oriental items, we are always interested in a variety of items, including (but not limited to) Furniture, Artwork, Decorative items, Jewlery, Sculpture, Lighting and more.

If you are interested in selling or consigning items for sale at an upcoming auction you can:

In addition, if you are family members or estate professionals (Lawyers, Notaries, Trustees, Real Estate Brokers, etc.) dealing with an Estate Liquidation, Kavanagh Auctions can assist.

Please note:

Once an auction has ended, any unsold consigned items are to be picked up by appointment within the following week (7 days) unless a previous arrangement has been made. Any items left behind after that period will be charged $5.00 CAD/day until item is picked up by the consignor. Items will held for a period of thirty days before being considered abandoned.